Rain, rain, come again:

the art of appreciating umbrellas

Umbrellas have often been used in general promotion of companies to expose their name and logo. The most successful promotion is the most subtle, focusing on products of exquisite beauty that stun the senses. Such aesthetically pleasing promotional products will make people carry the company's logo with pride, since they feel that the product is an original creation of high artistic, technical and functional quality. The high quality standard of the company will be inferred from the quality of such a product imprinted with the company's name and logo. Since umbrellas with art motifs are an unusual sight in a world of humdrum bumbershoots, the unique umbrellas designed by MobilArt will rapidly gather attention.

MobilArt has asked 20 well-known and talented visual artists to prepare motifs for MobilArt umbrellas. We use these motifs to manufacture umbrellas of extremely high quality. Your company can acquire the exclusive right to a dazzling motif and thereby get your company logo and name carried by willing hands.

We have produced umbrella art for such companies and organizations as Siemens, the Danish Children's Foundation, Minolta, J. Lauritzen, Danish State Railways, Sampension, the Danish newspaper Politiken, Egmont Foundation, Laurana, Hirtshals municipal and the Copenhagen Zoo.

MobilArt umbrellas can be used for promotional presents, holiday gifts, team-building meetings, anniversary celebrations, focused marketing, prizes or mementos. They can also be sold to customers, staff or a targeted public.

In addition to the proposals we have in stock, you can also arrange for one of our artists to design a custom motif. We have a wide range of umbrella models, including folding ones and golf models, and the materials for the handle include various types of metal and wood.

We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to profile your company using Danish art in an extraordinary and distinct way. See sample designs on the Web site and contact us by e-mail, telephone, fax or mail. Enhance your appreciation of precipitation today!